NicePlace philosophy

The brand NicePlace was created in the year 2006 – to be a company which produces Latvian design souvenirs. During its existence, NicePlace has created more than one hundred souvenir designs for different places in Latvia. Since the year 2010 NicePlace, has had tight collaboration with the Latvian National History Museum in producing the souvenirs, introducing the citizens of Latvia and its guests to Latvian culture heritage even more and receiving wide recognition. Celebrating the success of NicePlace in bringing out Latvian culture heritage, the State Inspection for Heritage Protection and UNESCO awarded the company a certificate of merit in the year 2011.

Since 2011, NicePlace has actively started to create design paper goods from paper which has been recycled in Latvia, learning more and more about the possibilities to use this paper and giving some new and contemporary qualities to this traditional material.

Principles of production

When creating its production NicePlace uses its own author designs and technological solutions, trying to involve as much of the local production potential as possible, including raw material. It can be said with full confidence that the products of NicePlace have been made in Latvia. Besides – quite a few of the products are actually hand-made which means that they carry a special feeling.

FSC (responsible forest management)

The FSC symbol has been created in order to mark products which have been created in a way which is nature and forest friendly – taking care of the wood and wood products from the first shoot of the tree till the moment when a wooden table or paper is made. NicePlace is the first trader of FSC certified products in Latvia and the biggest part of NicePlace paper goods, which have been made since 2013, are fully FSC certified.

Recycled paper

NicePlace is a company with green thinking. In its packaging, as well as in products, NicePlace tries to use as much recycled material as possible. It is especially preferred in the paper goods made by NicePlace, and even more for those which have been made from paper made in Latvia. Recycled paper is peculiar – it is less stable, more fragile and rougher, than its refined and smooth brothers. Nevertheless this recycled paper offers an unforgettable experience of sight and touch. And a more direct connection with nature and the world around us.