Invitation "Flora", light version

105x145 mm

Munken Lynx Print 300 g/m2

Graphically rich composition in two colors with nature motif. The text of the invitation can also be aranged by letterpress, by contacting "Papermouse" and making additional order.

The invitation is made using letterpress technique. This historical printing process gives unique shades and peculiarities to the each printed copy, making it very special.

The manufacturer is a letterpress workshop-studio "Papermouse" (www.papirpele.lv), which offers number of small printed products – business cards, board cards, invitations, Ex Libris, greetings cards – with a special charm, visual and tactile qualities. Workshop-studio "Papermouse" is located at Krišjāņa Barona 21A (in the yard, NicePlace TELPA).

Made in Latvia
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