Calendar for year 2020 "Livonian Coast"

Calendar for year 2020
Languages: livonian / latvian / english
Size: 297x420 mm (A3)
16 pages, printed on Serixo 170 g/m2, silver coloured coil

Design: Zane Ernštreite
Photos: Zane Ernštreite, Anrijs Požarskis (cover photo, August)

Text: Gundega Blumberga
Translation into Livonian: Valts Ernštreits
Translation into English: Uldis Balodis
Publishers: Līvõ Kultūr Sidām (The Livonian Culture Centre) in cooperation with the UL Livonian Institute

In the twenty-five years since its founding, Līvõ kultūr sidām (The Livonian Culture Centre) has prepared and published many different Livonian publications. These have included newspapers and journals, booklets and books, but we have never yet published a monthly calendar. The 2020 Livonian Calendar marks the passage of the year with traditional Livonian festivals and anniversaries, with dates important in the lives of the Livonians as well as those of Latvia and their kindred nations, and makes it possible to spend the entire year basking in the beauty of the Livonian Coast.

Made in Latvia